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Transwoman in traditional dress

A transnational effort to support LGBTQ+ asylum seekers in Mexico and the United States

with legal and humanitarian support, post-detention resources, organizing skills, and leadership development.

Transgender Protest
Marsha Johnson, Silvia Rivera, Roxsana - Presente

Holistic support in the United States and Tijuana, Mexico

in order to ensure LGBTQ+ migrants are freed from detention, can access safety, and have their immediate needs met. 

LGBTQ+ migrants and asylum seekers face unique challenges at every step of their forced migration journey.

This includes disproportionate violence as they flee their countries of origin, barriers to accessing shelter and asylum, and — once in immigration detention — physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglectful medical care.


The Border Butterflies Project is built to address and overcome them.

The Border Butterflies Project is a collaboration of:

Project Staff Include:

  • Emem DuPuis Maurus, (he/him), Border Project Legal Coordinator and Supervising Attorney
  • Lissett Garduño Espinoza (she/her), Legal and Humanitarian Coordinator
  • Grace Mandry (She/Her), Border Butterflies Legal Fellow

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Border Butterflies Project Logo